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General Manager
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Nanor AB

Nanor AB, is a privately held company rooted in a family company founded already in 1968. We have continuously provided industry and academia with innovative products and technology in the photonics area. We strive to give our customers the necessary edge to help them grow in a competitive world.

Our company has customers throughout Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic countries and Poland.

Nanor’s suppliers are world market leaders within our business areas Nano-Positioning and Photonics.

Our customers are also market leaders in many fields, such as paper, bio medicine, semi-conductor, food and off-shore.

What can you expect from Nanor AB?

One step ahead

Our curiosity drives us to closely follow and understand the rapid technological evolution. Paired with our long business experience, we work closely with our suppliers in order to provide our customers with new technology and products suitable to their specific needs.

Added value

Our ambition is to establish long and close partnerships with customers and suppliers alike. Nanor strives to be a valuable resource in our customers’ development. We ask pertinent questions in order to enable us to offer the best possible solutions. Active collaboration between customers, suppliers and Nanor staff explains how we have been able to successfully service the market for over 40 years.

Step by step

We are passionate in what we do! At the same time we work systematically to develop our business concept step by step. The result is a professional organization which benefits customers and suppliers alike.

Next step

We take responsibility all the way: before, during and after the sale. Our staff’s high level of expertise facilitates quick, professional decision making. They have a mandate to move projects forward.

Try us as your technological business partner. We have the expertise you need!