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Accessories for Hexapod Systems

A selection of accessories such as control units, photometer cards with optical input, mounting platforms and fiber holders. Software upgrades include PIVeriMove, a CAD environment for collision prevention and Vision Labview for image processing and intelligent automation processes. Additional options are XYZ nanopositioning systems that can be used in combination with the Hexapod system.
Part #Description
PIC887A20Cable Set for Hexapod, 20 m, Incl. 2 Signal Amplifiers
PIC887A30Cable Set for Hexapods, 30 m, Line Drivers incl.
PIC887MCHexapod Control Unit, USB Connector, 3 m Cable
PIC887VM1PI VeriMove Software for Collision Control
PIF20600U2-Channel Photometer Card, (Visual Range)
PIF206AC8Upgrade for 2 Additional Servo-Motor Control Channels on Hexapod Controller
PIF206IIU2-Channel IR Card
PIF206IRUPhotometer Card
PIF206MHUForce-Limiting Mounting Platform (included with F-206.Sx)
PIF206NCURapid 3-Axis Piezo Nanopositioning System for Use in Combination with Hexapod Systems. Consists of P-611.3SF NanoCube® XYZ Nanopositioning System, 100 x 100 x 100 µm, Strain Gauge Sensors with Integrated Fiber Adapter Interface and E-760.3S0 NanoCube® Piezo Controller Board, ISA Bus
PIF206TMUAdditional Mounting Platform, for rapid exchange of different setups
PIF206VVUPhotometer Card, Visible Range, 2 Channels
PIF311LVPIMotion&Vision LabVIEW Driver Set
PIF60311Microscope Objective Holder W0.8 x 1/36
PIF60312Microscope Objective Holder M19 x 0.75
PIF60313Microscope Objective Holder M25 x 0.75
PIF60321Fiber Holder for FC-Connector
PIF60322Ferrule Holder
PIF60360V-Groove Fiber Holder with Magnetic Clamp