About us

Who we are

Nanor AB is a privately held family company founded in 2014, with a history dating back to 1967. Since the beginning, we have continuously provided industry and academia with innovative products and technology. With high quality products, a broad technical knowledge base and our being a trustworthy partner we strive to give the necessary edge to succeed in a competitive world.

“We add value to our customers by continuously being curious, staying on the edge of technology and giving a superior service “

– Michael Cohn, CEO

Konrad Wozniak & Michael Cohn

What we do

Nanor supplies high-tech products in the areas of Motion Control and Photonics, but the success is based on servicing our customers in the best possible way. We chose our suppliers with great care, and have a high ambition to establish and nurture the relationships with suppliers and customers alike to cultivate long and close partnerships.

Our customers range from start-ups and established corporations, to OEM-companies and research institutions all utilizing our specific products and expertise in a multitude of market segments. These include, for example, industries such as paper & wood, textile, transportation, electronics, offshore and energy as well as micro-manufacturing, bio-medicine as well as food production and quality control.

Where we are

Nanor’s main office is located in Stockholm, Sweden and we have a sales office in Gothenburg. From here customers are served throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Poland. Our main language of operation is Swedish and English, and we are also able to assist you in both Polish and Finnish.

Our Commitment

One step ahead
Our curiosity drives us to constantly follow, understand and be on the frontline of the rapid technological evolution. Paired with our long business experience, we work closely with our suppliers to provide our customers with new technology and products suitable to their specific needs.

In sync with our customers
Nanor strives to be a valuable resource in our customers’ development. We ask questions to enable us to offer the best possible solutions. Active collaboration between customers, suppliers and Nanor’s staff explains how we’ve been able to successfully service the market for over five decades.

Grow step by step
We never give up, because we are fascinated by what we do! At the same time, we work systematically to develop our business concept step by step. The result is a professional organization to the benefit of customers and suppliers alike.

Next step
We take responsibility all the way, before, during and after the sale. Our staff’s high level of expertise and service allows quick, professional decision making. They have a mandate to move projects forward.

Our Name

Nanor, comprised of two parts representing our company and initial business areas. The first is Nano– originating from our Nano-positioning products within our Motion Control business area. The second part is Or– The Hebrew word for light, which represents our Photonics business area.

Our logo also reflects our name and business. The emblem is inspired by a light-wave-spectrum and the shape of our name, reminds us of a smooth rounded controlled motion.

Our History

The history of Nanor dates back to 1967 when Instrument AB Lambda was established by Franz T. Cohn to import and market scientific and laboratory instrumentation. A natural development was the extension to photonics components into a sister company, Lambda Electronics AB. With the advent of imaging analysis and its many scientific, medical and industrial applications, Parameter AB was formed to become the center point while the laboratory instrument business was sold off. In the early 1990’s Michael Cohn (Franz’s son) joined the company and, after Franz retired a few years later, Michael assumed the role of CEO.

Over the years, Parameter grew to become the leading supplier of Machine Vision and Imaging products as well as Motion Control and Photonics. Its base of operations expanded from Sweden to eventually include all the Scandinavian countries as well as Finland and Poland.

In April 2014, Parameter’s Machine Vision and Imaging department was sold to Stemmer-Imaging GmbH in Germany. At the same time, Michael Cohn established Nanor AB to continue supplying top-tier products within the world of Motion Control (Positioning) and Photonics.

Our logo is inspired by a lightwave