Nanor takes pride in partnering with suppliers in the frontier of Motion Control & Photonics. They offer top of the line products, customizable opportunities, in-house R&D and other added benefits. Cultivating and valuing these relationships benefit our customers even more.


Advanced Photonix, Inc.

Advanced Photonix, Inc. has for over 25 years provided innovative, cutting-edge optoelectronic solutions for the most demanding applications. By optimizing detection and illumination technology to suit the specific requirements of instrumentation in a wide range of industries, Advanced Photonix has enabled customers to realize the full potential of their instruments.


BHK, Inc.

BHK specializes in the design and manufacturing of Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red Lamps and Power Systems. Started in 1975, BHK has grown into a high quality lamp and systems manufacturer dedicated to providing superior products through constant quality improvement. BHK constantly strives to “light the way” by manufacturing the most innovative lighting systems on the market and breaking new ground.  


Insion GmbH

INSION provides micro-spectrometers and spectral sensors which integrate all optical elements on a single micro-molded chip. They develop and produce spectral sensors tailored to specific application requests. Thier products include light source, optical sampling system and micro-spectrometer as the detection system. Optionally, the sensor can be equipped with an OEM electronics platform for system control and data processing. All components combine outstanding technical properties with regard to quality, application, handling and system integration. 


Luminit Co., LCC.

Luminit based in Torrance, California is renowned worldwide for developing advanced technologies for shaping, diffusing and controlling light. Through patent technologies the Light Shaping Diffusers (LSD) can bend, blend and reshape light with a very dramatic result. From brighter, more vibrant displays, to more visually appealing light fixtures, to better stage lighting. Light Shaping Diffusers can be used in high tech industries to improve the performance of optical devices in medical science and for military applications. 


Opto Diode Corp.

Opto Diode (part of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.) designs and manufactures high-quality standard and custom silicon (Si) photodiodes, LEDs, IR LEDs, and LED arrays, Ultraviolet (UV)/Extreme UV/Absolute X-Ray photodetectors, opto-electronic assemblies, and custom solutions. Their custom solutions include line sources, point sources, custom geometry photodiodes, and custom packaging. Comprehensive testing of chips, wavelengths, and output power is also available. With a domestic in-house manufacturing facility and state-of-the-art wafer fab they are able to provide economical, high-quality products in low to high volume quantities. 


Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH

With over 40 years of experience in piezo technology, PI is considered a global market and technology leader with their product solutions in the fields of motion and precision positioning technology. With accuracies down to nanometers, PI offers a unique technological spectrum and a vertical production range that is beyond competition while continually inspiring customers with advanced positioning solutions. 


PI miCos GmbH

PI miCos (part of the PI Group) offers superior value with complete system integration and design services in the field of motion control and optics, including software, electronics and mechanics. Their specialty is demanding applications that require deep vacuum, extreme temperature, high precision and superior performance. With a deep knowledge base we are together able to solve even the most demanding applications by consulting with customers from the very beginning of the design stage to the ultimate product or system delivery. 


PI Ceramic GmbH

PI Ceramic (part of the PI Group) has for over 20 years developed and manufactured standard and OEM solutions for high quality piezo ceramic materials and components such as piezo actuators, piezo composites and complete system solutions. With experience, know-how and highly flexible technological processes, they reliably meet customer- and application-specific demands and react quickly to the market’s requirements. 


Standa, Ltd.

Standa manufactures and produces opto-mechanical and positioning products with its own industrial base that includes CNC turning, milling and grinding machines. Standa offers standard products at a good price through their catalogue and are able to cater to developing equipment for OEM customers. 


Welch Allyn, Inc.

With over 80 years of delivering high-performance lighting solutions to customers worldwide, Welch Allyn continues this tradition with its precision lighting technology based on Halogen lamps. Thier enviable reputation for engineering lighting solutions that exceed industry performance standards, while providing the consistent light output that our customers demand, continues to drive the HPX technology.