“I aim to serve our customers with expertise that goes beyond just selling a product. Though the product is what we sell, I take great pride in providing our customers with more than just that. Understanding current and future needs of our customer is key to making full use of our suppliers’ expertise. In the end, the customer should always feel confident that they bought the most relevant product suitable for them.”

– Konrad Wozniak, Head of Sales & Engineering, Nanor AB

Custom design capabilities

Buying an off-the-shelf-component with wide tolerances might not always be the most economical or suitable option. Understanding your specific system needs, we can work together from the initial concept and design stage and together transfer in to full-scale production and validation. Whether we start from a standard product or a completely unique design, it is crucial for us to know the overall performance requirements of your product so we can suggest the most suitable fit. 

We can often provide customized design capabilities based on your specific requirements for your motion control systems as well as individual packaging or integration of electronics as well as optics and filters for your photonic solutions. 

OEM-friendly solutions

We want to be part of your OEMproduction from early concept to the finished production to ensure delivery of a high-class product and service which meets your requirements for years to come. This demands engineering manpower, production capacity and validation all of which we can offer as an added benefit. Providing OEM solutions for repeat and reasonable volume customers means we can offer straight forward call-off schemes, optional buffer stock and high-class service.

Evaluation possibilities  

Your early proof-of-concept study should focus on bringing the application to life. To assist you, we can provide hardware demo units and samples without high investment costs or high initial order quantities. 

Contact us so we know how to assist you based on requirements and needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

After sales services

We put high emphasis on our after-sales services and are more than happy to provide assistance with questions regarding installation, setup- & other technical inquiries as well as software updates. In the unfortunate event of needing maintenance or recalibration we will be there for you every step of the way.